First up, the name, Aquemini Arts.
It's a homage to my favourite artists the hip hop duo Outkast, taken from their 1998 album Aquemini, which gets its name from the fusion of the star signs Aquarius & Gemini.
So now that you know how to pronounce the name, here is a bit about myself.

My name is Kris Avery Stewart and I am an artist/illustrator from Gateshead, North East England, Europe, Earth, Sol system, The Milky Way (Outer Reaches).
Working with (mainly) traditional media, with some added elements of digital colouring.
I was raised on 90's comic books, and that is often reflected in the pieces I create. 
I have a very long list of artists that have influenced my approach and style, but I won't bore you with a list of them all. 
I find inspiration in the realism of artists like Alex Ross and Tom Huddleston, the simplistic and yet hyper detailed work of Frank Quitely and the dynamic action packed panels of Adam Kubert.
Outside of producing comic book style art, I have also worked with charities and held art therapy classes for vulnerable people in local communities. 
I am also very passionate about a lot of social justice issues, and I have created art for Art The Arms Fair that was exhibited in London and auctioned to raise money for the campaign.
Their exhibitions have featured artists from all walks of life and from all around the world, including notable names such as (time to name drop) Banksy and Shepard Fairey
If you have read this far, well done to you! Give yourself a gold star for effort and thank you for taking such an interest in me and my work.
Peace Out, Kris.